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Tighten the In-use Emission Standards Standards




On 7-Apr-2021, the National Environment Agency (NEA) made two announcements.

It would tighten the in-use emission standards for local motorcycles, registered before 1-Jul-2003, from 6-Apr-2023. In addition, from 1-Apr-2023, NEA would adopt the latest United Nations (UN) noise standards for vehicles and aftermarket exhaust systems.

On the in-use emission standards, affected motorcycles can continue to be used until 30- Jun-2028. These motorcycle owners are reminded to get their vehicles serviced and inspected to meet the tightened emission standards. NEA has also introduced a Temporary Scheme (TS) which would allow local motorcycles that were first registered between 2-Jul-1993 and 30-Jun-2003 to be retained after 30-Jun-2028, until such time when they are eligible for the Classic Vehicle Scheme.

SMCTA is in discussion with NEA on how TS can be enhanced and also seek to find out through NEA how many affected motorcycles that do not meet the new standards in their last inspection test. If TS is implemented, it will be open for application closer to 30-Jun-2028.

The UN noise standards are more stringent than current Singapore standards and have better test protocols that are reflective of riding conditions for Singapore to adopt.

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