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Helmet Safety Standards: Stiffer Penalties




The Government has increased the penalties on motorcyclists and pillion riders who failed to wear certified-safe helmets on 5-Apr-2021. There are also plans to increase penalties for importing or selling unapproved helmets. Furthermore, as local testing for helmets is costly, many importers avoid the test process to save costs since only limited helmet qualities are imported each time.

SMCTA has met up with Traffic Police (TP) on 15-Apr-2021 together with our ExCo Mr. Herbert Teh (Chong Aik/Motor Sport) and member Mr. Xavier Lim (Regina Specialties). SMCTA agreed with TP on the need to step up the helmets safety standards and had also advised publicly through the Channel News Asia (see article here) for riders to comply with locals by choosing certified-safe helmets.

Nevertheless, SMCTA suggested to TP that local standards be reviewed as many of the helmet models here already comply with international standards. Meanwhile, TP would review the matter with its stakeholders.

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