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CAT D COE: All Time High




The COE price for CAT D motorcycle rose to a record high of $8,703 on 9-Jun-2021 COE

bidding. Technically, what this should mean is the demand for new motorcycle sales is

good and there are limited COEs in the market for new motorcycle registration.

The puzzling fact is there is an estimate of more than 4,000 T-COEs in circulation, much

more than a month's worth of the current average monthly COE CAT D quota, i.e. 1,228

(source: LTA). SMCTA ExCo is concerned that the current COE price level is not reflecting the true market demand.

SMCTA has been engaging LTA and MOT on reviewing the COE for CAT D. The ExCo would continue to approach LTA again with new suggestions which we hope would be beneficial to the industry in the long run.

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