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***40 Sam Leong Renovation***




We completed our renovation at SMCTA's 40 Sam Leong shop unit on 6-Sep-2021.

Though the renovation project started in Nov-2020, it was disrupted on multiple

occasions due to the Covid-19 situation.

The renovation project was a big exercise for SMCTA as many parts of the shop unit needed major overhauls. Meanwhile, the shop unit is newly coated with fresh paint and even varnished wood works on the 2nd floor conference room's floor.

The ExCo will be renting out the shop unit. Please do contact our Secretariat team if you are aware of any interested party.

On behalf of SMCTA, we would like to thank both our ExCo Mr. Benn Teo (Guan Hoe) and Mr. Leonard Lim (First Motor) for their project management efforts in the renovation project.

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