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*** TR 25 : 2022 ***




LTA had announced the updated technical standards for Singapore's national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging on 1st March 2022.

This standard, known as Technical Reference 25 (TR 25), looked into the new technologies, operational and maintenance requirements, and also ensure safety standards were observed. The TR25 review which was joint public-private efforts, supported by various stakeholders in the transport eco-system. The motorcycle industry was represented by our SMCTA President, Mr. Rex Tan.

Two exciting changes from the previous version, TR 25 : 2016 were included in the new standard. They include the possibilities of having low power charging via 15 Ampere (15A) sockets and battery swapping for motorcycles. We hope with these new charging options, it would start to trigger electric motorcycle adoption in Singapore.

You can purchase TR 25 : 2022 details from the Singapore Standards eShop at .

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