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*** TIMSUN Tyres Singapore***




TIMSUN tyres was founded in 2006, a very first for a Chinese brand and expanded their first official overseas Japan market in 2007. Equipped with a never before 6 months warranty coverage promising only natural rubber content and minimal synthetic rubber in the development of tyres. High performance with good reliability in grip and mileage. Certified under JIS, E-Mark and DOT standards.

TS689 (Sport Touring)

  • Next-generation of high grip compound offers resistance in the centre of the tread and grip on the shoulders, where you need it most.

  • Outstanding mileage with remarkable cornering grip. Innovative tread and groove design.

TS692 (Urban Road)

  • Featuring an all eye-catching diamond shoulder tread pattern, incorporating micropore technology delivering outstanding levels of dry traction and increased wet weather grip. A true all-rounder for use on mopeds.

TS660 (Sport)

  • Excellent high grip in both dry and wet weather conditions.

  • Short warm-up phase with superior grip compound.

  • Intuitive control and handling built with well defined and wide breakaway characteristics at a maximum lean angle.

  • Cutting-edge design for the trea pattern, perfect for modern motorcycle range.

TIMSUN tyres sold by Wing Yap Motor are covered by a limited 6 months warranty, with proof of purchase.

Terms & conditions apply.

For more information or to purchase, contact Jackson Oh at 9690-7908 or email .

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