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*** SMCTA New Communication Trial: WhatsApp Community ***




Improving communication with SMCTA members remains a priority with the ExCo.

The SMCTA will be testing out a new communication channel to reach out to our members, i.e. WhatsApp Community. Our members will not only receive prompt updates but also foster closer bonds among our trade.

Please note that WhatsApp Community is a "One-way communication" broadcast to members.

Thus, members with any feedback will still need to send them to SMCTA 's email address so that proper records can be captured.

We intend to test run this WhatsApp Community trial at Q2-2023. If the trial is successful, we may Go-Live with this new communication channel sooner than planned.

Please kindly fill up with your mobile details here so that we can include you into the SMCTA WhatsApp Community.

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