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*** SMCTA Meetings with LTA, Singapore Customs and NEA ***




SMCTA’s bi-annual meeting with LTA was held on 22-Mar-2022. The recent new CAT D COE bidding measures of increased bid deposits and reduced validity period were reviewed. Both parties also discussed the Electric Motorcycles (EMC) power ratings, batteries, general market developments and possible EMC adoption initiative.

SMCTA and LTA will work closely to exchange information on EMCs so that policies to be introduced can better support the industry.

SMCTA had also met up Singapore Customs Tariff and Trade Service (TTS) team on 4-Apr-2022. The meeting centered on declarations and taxes for EMC importation. The EMC batteries and charging options were also discussed in detail. Both parties agreed that multiple EMC import scenarios need to be reviewed. For example, EMC imported without batteries or lower specification batteries are possible cases in the future and the Open Market Value (OMV) may be affected by this and thus affecting the other duties and taxes applicable.

SMCTA and NEA met on 5-May-2022 and it was highlighted to NEA to involve SMCTA early should Euro 5 motorcycle standards be reviewed. NEA also shared that more details will be available before the end of 2022 on a temporary scheme to retain older motorcycles that were first registered between 2-Jul-1993 and 30-Jun-2003.

NEA advised SMCTA to reach out to its members to remind them on the deadline where in-use emission standards for older motorcycles and Noise standards for all vehicles will be tightened in April 2023. For more details, please see here.

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