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*** SMCTA 50th Anniversary ***




2021 marks a key milestone in SMCTA's history. Despite all the Covid-19 restrictions and not having the opportunity to gather at our traditional year end dinner, the Exco was determined to put together some memorable activities to mark SMCTA's 50th Anniversary.

The 50th Anniversary logo was designed by Wing Yap Motor's Mr. Jackson Oh. The blue and green waves incorporated on the logo have much thought put behind them. The blue fluid wave symbolizes the constant movement of the industry, ever

revolutionary and revolving. The waves are always in motion representing the constant pursuit of engagement and upskilling for all.

The green fluid wave anchors on the direction of the industry adopting green energy in the near future and signifying the constant growth and longevity of the association.

The Exco has kicked off three activities to commemorate SMCTA's 50th Anniversary, namely, the Live Stream on 10-Dec-2021, the Web Video Series and a Care Pack for each member company.

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