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*** SMCTA's East & "Central+South" Zone Gatherings***




The ExCo organized two zone gatherings to bring together members for networking.

The first session was held at Saturday House at Ubi on 20-July-2022 (Wednesday).

The 2nd session was held at Keng Eng Kee Seafood at Bukit Merah Lane on 24-Aug-2022 (Wednesday).

Members nearby these locations were invited for thegatherings. From the feedback and experiences gathered, the ExCo has decided to open up the future gatherings

to all members regardless of their business localities. So do look out for our next Zone Gathering and join us!

The purpose of the zone gatherings was not limited to social networking sessions but also to expand such sessions to include members' product introductions, trainings, dialogues on best practices, challenges faced, and so on.

With a smaller group, the ExCo can give more attention to all members present and have deeper


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