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*** Radius Shell SMCTA Partnership ***




During these times of uncertainty, cost-savings are increasingly important. In view of rising fuel prices, Radius Shell is pleased to partner with SMCTA to offer all members potential savings on fuel costs. For this partnership program, all

SMCTA members will be entitled to an upfront discounts of 19% off petrol (includes VPOWER) and 21% off diesel prices.

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to 57 sites situated in great locations - one of the largest networks in Singapore

  • Monitor your fleet and Shell Fuel Cards consumption in one platform

  • Members' exclusivity entitled $11 Monthly per-unit of Radius Telematics GPS tracking system device; normal price $80 Monthly

  • For Demo on Kinesis – please click here


  • Valid only for those new to Radius Shell*

  • Annual fees of $32 are waived for the first year (subsequent waivers applicable

  • for volume utilization above 80% / no contract required)

  • More details are available at

For any queries or to sign up, please contact Mr. Bryan Lee at Tel. 6800-9615, Whatsapp +6017322 7738 or email

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to the SMCTA Secretariat team at

* Existing Radius Shell Members which wish to apply this privilege, please get back to Radius Business solution before 14th January 2022.

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