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*** Leading Lithium Motorcycle Battery Pack in Singapore ***




Skyrich Lithium Ion Powersports Battery is a great replacement battery if you want to improve the performance of your powersport vehicle. It is the most environmentally friendly battery chemically available on the market.

  • Less Weight and Volume: 1/3 of normal Lead-acid battery

  • Non-spill: no acid inside, no leak

  • No-pollution does not contain any acid and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hydrargyrum (mercury)

  • Non-explosive and non-combustible

  • Quickly rechargeable with big current: rechargeable with 13 amp current and 90% recharged within 6 min

  • Excellent Cycle life: More than 2000 cycles under JIS-D standard (Lead-acid only 150-300 cycles)

  • Skyrich Powersports Battery sold by Wing Yap Motor are covered by a limited 1-year warranty, with proof of purchase.

Terms & conditions apply.

For more information or to purchase, contact Jackson Oh at 9690-7908 or email .

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