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*** Land Transport Industry Day***




SMCTA was invited to LTA’s "Land Transport Industry Day 2021" on 3-Sep-2021. A handful

of ExCos participated in the event via an online session.

Other than the News on building 620 charging stations for electric vehicles over the next

12 months, the ExCos who participated agreed that the authority has a strong commitment in the following areas

  • Fostering a collaborative private-public partnership.

  • Strong emphasis on using technology to improve productivity in all areas of work e.g. Artificial Intelligence and data use to identify cracks and damages on road pavements.

  • Ways to improve our workers' capabilities through best practice such as empowering them and engaging regular dialogues with them.

In addition, members may also participate in the LTA & Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Xcite

programme to showcase your products and solutions to advance the Land Transport

landscape in Singapore. See here for more details.

LTA's end goal is to build a future-ready transport system through a collective effort under

the new normal Covid-19 environment.

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