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*** Jobs Development Partner Programme (JDPP) ***




Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) intends to work with Trade Associations (TAs) on a Jobs Development Partner Programme (JDPP).

The programme is part of SCCCI's working collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Information (MTI) and Singapore Business Federation (FBF). There are also many other supporting organisations in the background to ensure adequate resources. For example, Enterprise Singapore, NTUC, E2i, Workforce Singapore, established consulting firms and so on.

JDPP aims to deepen capabilities of SMEs for market breakthroughs and seize new opportunities. "Industry Transformation Advisors (ITA)" (a.k.a. consultants), will work with SMEs on assessing their business operations and propose the transformation plans and manpower strategies. The ITA will also advise on relevant government grants which the SMEs can tap on in helping with the transformation.

SMCTA's ExCo will take the opportunity to align some of the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) goals with the JDPP.

Members can benefit significantly from the JDPP engagement and help improve their business processes and productivity.

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