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*** Euro 5 Emission Standards ***




As part of National Environment Agency (NEA) continuous effort to improve the air quality in Singapore, it keeps abreast of international developments in the management of vehicular emissions. Countries like EU, Japan, India and Taiwan have implemented the Euro 5 emission standards and its equivalents for motorcycles in 2020 and 2021.

Compared to the Euro 4 emission standard, the tighter Euro 5 emission standard will help to reduce emissions of hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide which are precursors to ozone, as well as carbon monoxide. These pollutants are harmful to public health and the environment.

Hence, NEA is exploring the feasibility of adopting Euro 5 requirements relating to pollutant emissions in full (i.e., requirements on tailpipe emissions after cold start, tailpipe emissions at idling and increased idling / free acceleration, emissions of crankcase gases, evaporative emissions, test cycle, durability of pollution control devices, and the On-board diagnostics) in Singapore.

SMCTA is supporting NEA to seek feedback from our members on the industry readiness and cost impact of implementing Euro 5 requirements relating to pollutant emissions in 2025. This would help NEA to better review the implementation of the new standards in Singapore.

Should any of our members have would like provide feedback on the said Euro 5 implementation, please email your concerns to

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