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*** Electric Motorcycles (EMCs) Homologation ***




Some members have written to SMCTA and informed that there are EMC homologation challenges under the new TR25: 2022 as there are no testing facilities at the moment.

For new standards, Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) companies in Singapore and overseas (e.g. TÜV SÜD, Intertek, UL, etc.) will typically take 12 to 18 months to get accredited by their respective national accreditation bodies to test for new standards after their publication. This potentially means that we may not see mass market EMCs on the Singapore road for at least the next one year.

SMCTA has reached out to LTA to discuss how we can expedite the current EMCs homologation situation under TR25: 2022 standards. We will keep our members updated accordingly.

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