Dear Members, Partners and Friends, I am honoured to be elected as SMCTA’s President this term and would like to thank you for the trust and opportunity for me to serve our industry. We are starting this term in a very difficult period and are saddled with a myriad of challenges for our Industry. It is a heavy responsibility and uphill struggle as we ride out the storm and I seek the support from all of you in the coming years. I have laid out some broad plans and activities for SMCTA to pursue in confidence that it will help progress our members and industry. These are: - Safety Riding Experience (2021) With this project, my objective is to target children below 18 to experience motorcycling and inculcate the important safety values as well. Adults will also be welcome to participate but the key objective is for the children to experience motorcycling safely. This will be a great opportunity for members to interact and mingle and involve their families as well. More details will follow as we map out the plans. - SGP Mechanic / ITE Training / EV Training This project was stalled in the past, and I personally feel education and training is critical for the progress of our industry and would like to revisit this area. Especially with the new mandate from our government on having no more Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles by 2040, E-Vehicles are the future and the relevant training and technologies should be made available to our members. - E-Motorcycle Standard This is related closer to the Charging standards, namely the TR25, which have been put in place since 2010 and reviewed in 2016. I would like to engage with the relevant agencies more so that our industry inputs would be taken into account when formulating policies which will help our industry. - SMCTA Member Engagement I would like to have activities which can give our members the opportunity to come together to interact and socialize. This will be beneficial in fostering new business opportunities, partnerships among and enhance cooperation among our members. - COVID Assistance The Pandemic has affected everyone, and this is on a global scale. Our government has doled out a flurry of budgets and incentives as well as subsidies to help us through these times. However, I would like to find out more from our members if there are any other areas or requests that they may have in terms of assistance for the business / industry recovery. - 50th Anniversary Events / Dinner (2021) SMCTA will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2021 and this is a great achievement and milestone all thanks to the continuous support and contributions from our members and partners. There is quite a lot to do and the plans are ambitious and also very dependent on how the pandemic plays out. However, I believe they are in line with our members’ common goals and with your support, our Exco’s commitment and dedication, I am confident that we will be able to achieve what has been set out and help enhance and prepare our industry for the future.