mr. leonard lim PRESIDENT

Dear Members,
It has been more than 40 years since SMCTA was formed & over the years, business climate have changed tremendously. It is timely that the Association should have its very own quarterly magazine so that all members can be kept informed of the various trend & happening in the industries.
Despite the current internet & paperless age, I believe the good old paper magazine still have a useful purpose. A magazine that is published by the trade will serve as a platform for its member to express their desire in making the motorcycle industry a more conducive working environment.
Quarterly features will include current trend & up coming events, just to name a few. We welcome your input so that the EXCOs is able to formulate strategy in shaping the future of this industries for many generation to come.


The scenario for the Motorcycles
Industry has never been more daunting. The Prices of COE continue to rise due to the reduction of available quota and with the recent announcement by the Minister of Transport on tightening the vehicle growth; the whole industries will no longer enjoy the current 3% growth.
On top of that, the price of oil continues to rise with industry experts predicting it could hit US$ 400 by 2015. With the era of cheap energy seemingly over, companies are facing deep pressure to re-organize and re-strategies.
Recognizing this phenomena, SMCTA is taking an active role in staff training &/or re-training. Currently we are in the planning stage with ITE in formulating a specialized Motorcycle Mechanic Training course leading to NITEC Certification.
With such program in place, we envisage that our members can ride out of this crises and come out even stronger than before.